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Online Safety
Children are using technology to go online from a younger and younger age to play games, talk to family, watch videos and find out about their world.
Are you aware of the potential risks?
Whilst technology provides many benefits for children it can also expose children to risks. The potential online risks have been grouped into four categories: conduct, content, contact and commercialism. Information on these can be found on the following link: 
What can we do to promote online safety?
We all have a responsibility to work together in keeping children safe online.
At Urchfont Pre-school we have an 'Online Safety (inc. mobile phones and cameras)' policy:
  • This ensures that everyone is clear about how to use the computer, laptop and internet in a safe way. We have virus protection installed and safety settings are set to prevent inappropriate material being accessed.
  • We have rules about the acceptable use of mobile phones, cameras and video recording equipment. This is why you are asked not to use your phone in the pre-school and personal cameras and video recording equipment must not be brought in.
  • We have guidelines for using social networking sites and responsible use of email.
Top tips for Parents/Carers: 
  • Place computers in a busy part of the house (e.g. living room or kitchen) to make supervision of children's online use easier.
  • Explore together the games and websites your children are using/ want to use.
  • Set rules and boundaries on the amount of time they can spend online, the sites they can visit and where portable devices can be used (busy parts of the house enable greater supervision).
  • Manage parental controls and filters.
  • Disable in-app purchasing.
  • Educate your children not to give out personal information because other internet users may not be who they say they are, and not to send pictures to people they do not know.
  • Talk to your children about what they are doing and who they are talking to.
  • Discuss with your children the importance of telling an adult if something or someone online upsets them.
Useful Links
  • The Click CEOP button allows you and your children to report anything unpleasant that has been seen/ happened online.    
  • The IWF Internet Watch Foundation provides a reporting tool for child sexual abuse content and non-photographic child sexual abuse images
  • Childline is a free contact line for children - 0800 1111. Their website includes information and advice on online bullying, online and mobile safety
The following websites are full of advice on staying safe online for children and parents/carers:
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